fLANSBURG dESIGN post-ecliptic logo Matthew Flansburg

Wine Enthusiast March 2006 Labels Gone Wild page 31 Sinestre Syrah by Matthew Matt fLANSBURG dESIGN Classic Food and Wine Matches Savannah Scotland's Golf and Whisky Trail USA Today Friday August 16 2002 Macho Nacho Bonny Doon Vineyard Matthew Matt fLANSBURG dESIGN House and Garden November 2002 return of a rhone ranger California Syrah Matt Matthew fLANSBURG dESIGN East Valley Tribune Wednesday Februrary 26 2003 Slip Sliding Away in Flagstaff Far From Surfing Weather lit fuze Matthew Matt fLANSBURG dESIGN
LA Los Angeles Times Tuesday May 14 2002 Hang 10 Surfer dudes get special treatment wherever they go, even inland lit fuze Matthew Matt fLANSBURG dESIGN Its out there, man ASU student post a puzzling piece apple tree project puzzle Casey Moores Matthew Matt fLANSBURG dESIGN Ahwatukee Foothills News Weekend Edition FRiday August 20 1999 Computer the Prize If You Can Solve Riddle apple tree project puzzle Matthew Matt fLANSBURG dESIGN
Antique Apple Macintosh IIc computers dangle from limbs of a tree on the patio at Casey Moore's Oyster House are used to illustrate a riddle the public is invited to solve. The first person who cracks the code will win a computer. Apple Tree Project Puzzle Matthew Matt fLANSBURG dESIGN Phoenix New Times August 19-25 1999 FREE Volume 10, Number 33 Strange Fruit The Apple Tree Doubles as installation art and a riddle. Runes painted to the bottom of each piece f antiquated hardware correspond to cryptic runes, hieroclyphis and several series of binary code engraved on a copper plate nearby. Matthew Matt Flansburg Chris White Jim Decorks and Austin Godber. Puzzle a brain-twister for high IQs Mensa group finally solves tough riddle Mesahood challenged Apple Tree Project Puzzle Matthew Matt fLANSBURG dESIGN Old Buick CArries Messages Across the Nation David Estipona Matthew Flansburg leans on the door of his 1970 Buick Skylard nicknamed Betty. The logo on the car door was inspired by the nose art on WWII bombers like the Memphis Belle 1996 Cross Country Adventure Traveling Coast to Coast United States of America
Ahwatukee Foothills News August 14 1996 Messages of goodwill and wishes for a safe journey cover the entire car. A map showint the route taken can be seen on Betty's Trunk David Estipona Matthew Matt Flansburg Summer 1996 Art Car United States      

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